Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Second Night translation resumes!

Thanks to all of you who are waiting patiently. 

I'm sorry that progress has been as slow as it has been these past couple months--I've been swamped with exams and university applications and stuff. This is just a quick update to let everyone know that I'm going to start translating regularly again now. I'm aiming for at least 30 lines a day, but hope to manage as much as 50-100, depending on how free I am. Not making any promises though.

Also, please bear in mind that this is just the first step. Once the script is translated, I or someone else will need to edit and do a QA on it.

Regardless, please be excited. I have every intention of finishing this.


PS: We're still looking for translators. Contact info by the line counts to the right.


  1. Oh god! This is great! If I could had help you, I would do...
    I give you all my strength!
    And no need to be sorry for the waiting. You're doing a great job.

  2. oh, thats a good news. ^^