Monday, June 24, 2013

Kickstarter: Printed interview with Ryukishi07? [updated]

British games journalist John Szczepaniak has set up a Kickstarter to publish a book featuring in-depth interviews with as many Japanese game developers as possible.

It's an ambitious project, and one we're sure many of you would be interested in. But why are we talking about it on this blog?

Well, if funded, the book will have an entire section dedicated to visual novels. What's more, we've been promised that this section will contain an interview with Ryukishi07 about his work.

The visual novel section will also likely have interviews with Kotaro Uchikoshi (Ever17, 999, Virtue's Last Reward) and someone from Key/Visual Art's, if not Jun Maeda himself.

The Kickstarter only has a few days left, so if you're interested, show your support! :-)

Update: The project has now reached its goal. Thanks to those who backed it.


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