Thursday, February 14, 2013

Higanbana - The First Night - English Patch 1.2

Apologies for the wait with the translation of The Second Night, and thanks for everyone's support despite of that. We are gradually making progress and are committed to seeing this translation through to the end. Unfortunately, as is the nature of these kinds of projects, we cannot provide an estimate as to how long it will take.

However, for people who have yet to read The First Night, today we are releasing an updated translation for it:

Release changes
  • Windows and Mac installers
  • Detection of incorrectly-installed patches
  • Save/load system improvements
  • Music room enhancements
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Typo/grammar fixes

Warning: Saves in-between chapters can become corrupted. If you're changing patch versions, wait until you've completed your current chapter to avoid corrupt save problems.

In addition, we are currently looking for additional translators. If you have a good grasp of the Japanese language and would be willing to help us out, we'd really appreciate it. There's no obligation to translate a certain amount of text, so you can try it out and if it's not for you, you can stop whenever you want. Please contact us by sending an email to:

contact (AT) spiderlilytranslations (DOT) com

Many thanks!


  1. thanks for the update and the new patch version.

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  3. Thank you for your work !! I'm sorry I can't help for translating...
    I can't wait for the second night to be fully translated !

    Thanks again for your work and good luck, you have all my support.

  4. one question, is there anywhere I can buy haganbana and rose gun days?
    it seems to be sold out everywhere :(

    1. Here's a few links I managed to find after a few minutes of searching:

      Palet Mail Service
      Rakuten Global Market

      Rose Guns Days
      Rakuten Global Market
      Mandarake (reservation)

      (Usual legal mumbo-jumbo: Spider Lily Translations is not responsible for the content of external websites.)

  5. Thank you for your great translation! Second Night 96%!!! Could it be possible that it is ready in 2 weeks? *____*

    1. Thank you for your support. Translation of The Second Night is only at 24%, so we're probably talking months or even years until the translation is complete, I'm afraid.

      We've gone from having three translators to only having one active translator. This has left the future of the project somewhat uncertain. Unless someone is willing to help us with the translation, there's really no knowing when we'll be finished.

    2. wow that sounds hard. if i could understand japanese i would help translate it, but sadly i can't. maybe with a facebook site or youtube you could find some help or what are with witch hunt, umineko tweak. there could be fans that want to help, even if they are only guest on these sites?

    3. I just want to say that I have every intention of finishing this translation project. It's kind of depressing having no translating help, though, so if you know anybody that like R07's works and wants to TL a bit, point them over here.

  6. Thank you for all of your hard work in releasing this patch!

    Keep up the amazing work!