Friday, June 1, 2012

Just tidying up~

Yes we're almost there everyone. Just a little bit longer. We're at 100% and the editing is done. I just wrote the readme file.

It'll be at least a couple more hours though unfortunately. I'm not satisfied with the character profiles and I'm just like... no... these must all be re-translated.

Also there's a problem in the glossary system at the moment, but it only affected the last two entries so we'll look into it and fix that in a patch after the initial release. Gosh...


  1. Hey guys, fantastic work here!

    I just have a quick question for you; are you going to do the Second Night afterwards, or are you only translating the First Night?

  2. We'll probably do The Second Night as well. We're setting up for it actually.

  3. Oh thank you very much for this, reading it now and its really good.
    Also thanks for even thinking about doing The Second Night, is it longer?