Monday, August 22, 2011

Higanbana, First Night Translation Status

Please look to the top right of the blog space for translation status updates.
[Update: 9/24/2011]
Chapter 2 translations are progressing like a bat out of hell.

[Update: 9/4/2011]
Chapter 1 has been roughly translated. My initial numbers were wrong again, but no matter. PROGRESS!

[Update: 9/2/2011]
Weekend~. I might even get some work done.

[Update: 8/31/2011]
The fall semester has begun, so work will be slower during the week. I'll try and do some more work on the weekends.

[Update: 8/22/2011]
The line counts were updated, previously I had forgotten to do a line count for the dialog (a regex search for ^「 in Notepad++ fixed that). Progress is going well. With the addition of ClaymoreSmiley as a translator we're burning through the lines, and we also have Trollkastel handling the graphics editing.


  1. Thank you so much! I visit this site everyday!
    The progress is great! I can't wait to read this!

  2. Keep it up!
    I'm partially hoping you guys finish before the EP8 Umineko translation is..

  3. thanks a bunch for the translation^^ can't wait to read it!

    Greetings from Spain

  4. You're my freaking hero right now, dude! Keep up the hard work!

  5. If you ever decide that you need someone for QC, please take me into consideration for the task. I've only done QC for 5 volumes of a manga, but I'm quite good at catching spelling errors and mistakes.

    In any case, I sincerely thank you for translating this, Ronove-sama

  6. You are e-famous now. How does this make you feel?

    *puts the mic in your face*

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  8. nice work and good luck...

    i'm also available for QC if need be.

  9. I've sent the transcribed character profiles if you need them.

    If I've written them correctly, then you should have a much easier time translating them than the profile text images in the game.

  10. Hi Ronove.

    I’m French and I’m a big fan of the works of 07th Expansion and RyĆ«kishi.

    I’m really interested to translate Higanbana in French but I don’t speak Japanese.

    So my question is: Can I use your works to translate from English to French? (When your project will be finish or step by step if you are sure of your translation).

    Of course, your work will be cited in the patch as the reference for the French translation.

    I give you my email address to discuss about that if you agree.
    Good luck with the continuation of your project.

    Mail: cocoandro at

  11. onove is a good character, and a good name for the blogspot; however, if you're doing a translation for higanbana, you should have a name more fitting for a translator; like witch hunt (as related to witches, etc.), who knows, maybe in the future if you continue with the translations, ryu-sensei will send you a letter and use your team name in an arc; well all of this is only an idea; something like Youkai blossoms or something like that.

  12. Shut up Somebody.

    But srsly RP bloggers i'm so excited for this project, especially considering that work seems to be progressing pretty well. I can't wait to see what awesome-quality VN translation comes from this!

  13. At the end of the day all I want to do is release a polished translation. The rest are low priority affairs that can be sorted out as we go forward.

  14. So... Is this translation still ongoing? Its been a few days..

  15. Yep. I finished a personal translation check / editing sweep on Chapter 1 on Friday. No worries, I'll get back to translating before the weekend. We've also added another translator, so hopefully the three of us can get things done faster.

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  17. There are three translators now? No way! The progress that has been made already is very impressive and now you're kicking it up another notch!

    That being said, I'd like to impose on getting a position for QC if/when a spot opens up. If not, I could buy a domain, web hosting, or something like that... anything to be a part of this project! Please, send me an e-mail at (and don't mind how ridiculous my email address is)

  18. Congratulations! You are doing quite great progress!

    I always visit this site at school to see how is the progress going. Really good!

    Can't wait to read it. Continue like that!

  19. Thanks so much.

    I can really get work done on the weekends. Other times my time is divided between training and university.

    More translation action will happen today!

  20. So now that winter break is coming, will the translation go faster?

  21. Sachibelle did some translating while I was finishing finals this week (waiting for the changes to be committed), but yes, winter break is here. I'm free until January 24thish?, so this will be my absolute priority above all else, and between us we'll probably split it on a hundred line basis and give that system a try.

    As per usual, if anyone knows enough Japanese to give it a try, I'd be more than willing to add people to the project.

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  23. thank you for your translation, i appreciate it very well.
    so, i'm working currently at the translation of higurashi no naku koro ni to german from english. now my question is, would it be a problem for you if i would translate it to german when you release the english patch? in fact i would mention your english patch as well.

  24. Thanks for the good work of translating this game.
    Will you be doing the second game that is coming out on dec 31?

  25. @Konata Izumi:
    Feel free to reuse our own English translation for your own project when it comes out. =)

    Me personally?
    I'm not sure. I want to translate Ryukishi's work because it's the best work to translate imo.

    It's going to be my senior semester, my weekdays are pretty much booked from morning until night. I have Fridays off, but I have to work on getting my TESOL certification on the weekends. When I start writing out my schedule in January and plan out my workload for my classes, I'll decide if I'll be able to do the project and when I'll have time.

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  27. Once your done with this vn,will you be doing the second one during the summer?

  28. Once The First Night is done, we'll start work on The Second Night. :-)

  29. Replies
    1. Yes, we still fully intend to release a complete translation to The Second Night. Hopefully things will pick up soon. Apologies for the delay.

    2. i see i thought this one's dead soo goodluck. :D