Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Second Night: Translation Stage Finished

Hello everyone, I think it’s about time I introduced myself.
I am the other translator who has been working on The Second Night.  You can call me Jorwil.  I joined back in mid-June with the intention of getting a translation done for all you fans before my summer ended and my classes began again.

So, as you may have guessed from the title of this post, the translation stage has just been brought to completion, which should show on the progress bar once Yirba throws an update on it! 
It’s been a long time coming on this project.  It’s been a little over two years since Spider Lily Translations first opened our doors, and although I’m relatively new to the team, I’m very glad that Pascal and I could bring translation of The Second Night to a close.

With that, the bulk of my work is done.  I now pass things on to Yirba for the editing, followed by beta phase.
But before I sign off, I’d like to thank Ronove for starting this project,
I’d like to thank Pascal and Yirba for being great guys to work with,
And I’d like to thank all of you fans for your continued patience and support.

See you again, when the spider lilies bloom
 - Jorwil


  1. God, I love the internet. Thank you all so much for your work on this. I've read every 07th game that's been translated thus far and it would kill me to have a game that didn't even have a group working on it, but you guys definitely came through. I signed up for the beta, but regardless, congrats guys! Can't wait to read your work sooner or later.

  2. Thank you soooooooooo much I LOVE YOU !!!!!!

  3. Thank you so much for your work and congratulations for the end result! :)

  4. First of all, congratulations on finishing!! ♡♡ :)

    And thank you so much for translating the second night! :) All of us fans are definitely thankful for all the work you've done!~

    From Australia

  5. nice.
    thanks till now.

  6. Wow, it's such a relief that this is finally almost done. Sorry I couldn't help out for the last couple weeks--I was super busy preparing for Uni.

    1. You've been a great help already. I'll get you a beta build of the patch when I can.

  7. I can sympathize with your situation. My classes started a few weeks ago. I hope you guys get the Second Night out soon, because things are going to get rough for me by October. Keep up the good work.

    1. Beta patch should be out soon. Final release might take some time, though.

  8. Hi!
    I'm from the 07th Inquisition. Congratulations on finishing the second night. We'd like to have a word with you guys, mind to give me your email adress?

    See ya
    Foreing Affairs,
    07th Inquisition

    1. Thanks for your support.
      We just upgraded our email systems, but you can still email us at: contact (AT) spiderlilytranslations (DOT) com

    2. I think we mailed you guys a few days ago.
      Still waiting for a reply.
      See ya!