Saturday, July 7, 2012

From Witch-Hunt: Rose Guns Days demo is available in English today.

Now that 07th Expansion’s new franchise has its demo released, a lot of people are probably quite curious about what kind of story it is.

That said, what’s better than just having to rely on summaries and the likes? Do you remember the “surprise” I was mentioning during Epitanime?
Bingo: that would be reading the demo yourself, and that’s what we gonna make it happen… right here right now.

In other words: We, Witch Hunt, are proud to announce that Rose Guns Days demo is available in English today.
Please download the demo of the game (Special thanks to teus, Message and Roto for hosting the patch-compatible version of the Japanese game) and the patch can be found at our website, as usual. Installers for both Windows and Mac OSX are available.

As a little reminder, Rose Guns Days is a completely new and fresh series written by 07th Expansion’s Ryukishi07. It is however drastically different compared to Naku Koro ni and Higanbana series, being defined as a hard boiled action series, with mini game to spice things up.
Therefore, you won’t have anything akin to mystery talk and whatnot.

Speaking of minigame, please note that we advise you not to use any screen resolution change, such like a cfg file. The reason is that we noticed that such change often lead to a delay for the strike zones, despite the time counter stays the same, which might makes things harder in this case, or more frustrating for high scores.
Full screen however shouldn’t affect that, so you might try it.

As usual, should you encounter any glitch, typo, etc, please let us know!
Anyway, please enjoy Ryukishi’s newest story.
From Klashikari. Post originally on AnimeSuki forums.
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    1. Indeed, Rose Guns Days is out now. My friend in Japan managed to snag a copy, and my own copy has been shipped. The translation could take some time, though…

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    1. Translation of chapter 1 is complete, and translation of chapter 2 is in progress.

      Ronove is currently on holiday here in England, but other members of Spider Lily have been working on the project.

      So while you may not see any activity, we're still making progress. :-)